About Us

The Octopus Club is a grassroots, volunteer fundraising arm of AIDS Services of Austin dedicated to raising awareness and funds for the Paul Kirby Emergency Fund through annual events and parties. The Paul Kirby Emergency Fund provides emergency financial assistance to those living with HIV and AIDS in Central Texas. These funds are distributed to individuals for basic living needs through AIDS Services of Austin on a case-by-case basis.

There are times when due to the inability to work or to the costs of health care and medications, our neighbors with HIV and AIDS need help. When they have nowhere else to turn, the Paul Kirby Emergency Fund at AIDS Services of Austin is a helping hand of last resort.

The Octopus Club is unique in that, we are made up of 100% volunteers, so every dollar raised at an Octopus Club event or party goes directly to the Paul Kirby Emergency Fund. Hosts and Corporate Sponsors are the financial backbone for each party and event. Without their support, our parties would not be possible. Over the last 18 years, the Octopus Club's annual events and parties have raised $1,003,374.63 for the Paul Kirby Fund.

We are fortunate to have AIDS Services of Austin manage and oversee the Paul Kirby Emergency Fund. Almost all of the money for the Paul Kirby Emergency Fund comes from Octopus Club parties and every year the fund is emptied. All of the money goes to ASA through their IRS 501(c)(3) set up and guests and sponsors can receive tax-deductible receipts from ASA.