The Octopus Club Hosts/Hostesses AND GENEROUS BUSINESS DONORS cover all event costs, so every dollar SPENT at the door and for art goes directly to a neighbor with HIV and AIDS or a neighbor in a financial crisis with needs for rent, utilities, medicine, food -- the essentials.

Special thanks to our Penis Project Artists!
Cindy "Crash" Raschke
Dayna de Hoyos
Eddy Stratford
Cherry Blossom
Jen Rische
John A. Roof
Jorge Palomorez
Julia Barbosa Landois
Kim Williams
Layne Box
Les Weiler
Marcus Sanchez
Marcy McChesney
Matt Mason
Mike McElhaney
Misty Meadows
Michael Garcia
Mr. Bunny
Nathan James
Ron Clark
Ruby Martin
Steven Cheslik-DeMeyer
Wren Davis Pearson

A Brief History of the Penis Project

Many Many Moons ago, before Art Erotica existed, my friend Jimmy Guthrie used to talk about his idea of wanting to do an exhibition or art show based on giving a group of artists an idea, a picture or an object, then having each artist create an individual piece of art based on the idea they were given.

One day, after Art Erotica was in existence, Jimmy, a very talented ceramic artist, and I were out in the hill country at a ceramic mold shop & came across a vagina mold. That is when the idea popped into my head that we should create a penis mold, give it to artists to decorate & create an exhibit during Art Erotica, based on Jimmy's idea of each artist creating a different piece of penis art.

The ceramic shop did not have a penis mold so Jimmy approached David Thibodeaux, a professional ceramic artist & a regular contributor to all Octopus Club events. David and Jimmy created the first molds from ceramic & distributed and collected the finished "pieces" for the first showing of the, Penis Project, for Art Erotica. After that, the rest is history. I, Eddy Stratford, am glad to see it in it's 4th year and it's good to see that is has not only raised money but grown to a new level this year.

Eddy Stratford