The Great Wigoff

OctoTea Season Kick-off event = Big Success!

On Sep. 12th, people started pouring into The John Girard Salon on W. 3rd.  What did so many folks have to do in a classy salon on a Sunday afternoon?   When the doors opened at 5pm, it signaled that the OctoTea Season could begin!

Upwards of 150 people showed up to show off their wigs.  Some folks showed up with an entire collection of wigs.  Wig mayhem reigned until  7 pm, courtesy of generous owner and evil genius, John MacDonald, owner of the 5-star salon.  After hosting the 2009 Octo-Tea Kick-off party, John came up with the idea of everyone showing up wearing a wig.  Each person sporting a wig was eligible to winn the door prize -- a sumptuous brunch at Treo in,  the Four Seasons!  

Guests feasted on tacos from Wahoo, and the shampoo bowls magically turned into ice buckets for the complimentary adult beverages -- all provided by our host.  It was our first opportunity to offer discount tickets to the 15th OctoTea Dance, and several people signed up to be hosts.  

Everyone who attended was delighted to hear that John came away from the party ready to do it again next year -- especially the winner of the door prize, Rick Luisi.  You can check out a brief video of the event.

Video Cover Image