Harold and Maude Performance

Mercury Hall, Steve Bilich and Sue Bilich, and the Austin Circle of Theaters are donating their opening night performance of HAROLD and MAUDE to the Octopus Club.

Harold and MaudeThanks to our Octopus Angel, Herb Taylor, the director of Mercury Hall, the February 11th, 2008, opening night performance will benefit the Octopus Club and every dime of your ticket price will go directly to the AIDS Emergency Assistance Fund at AIDS Services of Austin.

The performance, will begin at 7:30 at Mercury Hall. Complimentary wine and appetizers will be served at intermission

The tickets will be a $25 donation. Tickets can be purchased online at Texas Performs web site. Tickets will also be available at the door, IF we do not sell out on line.

As with every Octopus Club event, every penny of the guest's donation will will go the AIDS Emergency Assistance Fund (The Paul Kirby Fund) at AIDS Services of Austin. This is possible only because of the generous donations of our hosts and hostesses which have covered all of the costs for this event and because of the amazing donation of the Director and Cast and Mercury Hall.

The hosts and hostesses are:

Douglas Plummer, Lew Aldridge, Bob Dailey, Frank Garrahan, Steve Kubenka, Don Payette, John Thomasson, Jan Hill, Billy Collins, and Donna Williams.

For more information call Lew Aldridge at 293.1250 or Herb Taylor at 236.1226.