The Rubber Duck Party 2010

The Rubber Duck Party -- All it's quacked up to be!

The first Rubber Duck Party was held in August of 2005 with 13 hosts and several volunteers. Hosting 150 guests and raising $3500 the first year, the word of mouth and generosity of the guests have helped us grow to over 250 guests in 2009 and pushed total donations to $34,600 for the Paul Kirby Emergency Assistance Fund since its inception. This year we will be hosting our 6th annual party on August 21st at 1117 Stobaugh from 7p.m. to Midnight. Hosts for 2010 are Lance Blankenship, Steve Boren, Peter Conforti, Gus Campman, William Green, Troy Hanna, Chris LaBauve, Darrel Baker, Larry Neal, Tim Patusch, Ron Redder, James Rogers, Chris Sims and Robb Spreen. Success of the party comes from lower costs by keeping the event as a “house party” at the home of a host, recycling the duck decorations from year to year and adding a few “hatchlings” as necessary. The majority of the hosts have performed the same duties each year and that consistency helps the party function on auto-pilot with only a few meetings and limited time commitment. Volunteers help round out the work load. The group maintains a website at Where: 1117 Stobaugh Street, Austin, TX 78757 US When: Saturday, August 21, 7:00PM Phone: 657-8674, 917-6013, 659-7093 It's a Big Party for a good cause. We all like to have a little fun so join us! Beer, Margaritas, and Snacks will be provided by the hosts. There will be lots of laughter and good times. In addition to a few twinkle lights, there will also be a huge display of everything "ducky". As this party is an Octopus function, a minimum donation of $25.00 per person is requested in order to raise funds for the Emergency Assistance Fund at AIDS Services of Austin.(This fund assists clients with medication, rent, utilities, food, i.e., the essentials). Your party hosts have covered the costs of the party (food, drink, etc) so that EVERY PENNY of your donation goes to the Fund. This is our 6th annual event and we want to make it even better. Last year, $10,250 was donated to the Emergency Assistance Fund and the party has raised $34,677 since it started in 2005. WARNING: ONLY Rubber Ducks permitted in the pool for this event.