Fifteen Years of Generous Corporate Sponsors!


Yes for 15 years, generous businesses around Austin have stepped up to help us put on this great party, and 2010 is no exception.


Our generous Sponsors help us in two important ways.  


Cash donor sponsors push the amount of funds we can send directly to the Paul Kirby Emergency Assistance Fund higher and higher each year.  The Octopus Club promises that 100% corporate sponsor cash donations go directly to the Fund, and not to put on the event.


In-kind corporate sponsors provide the great entertainment, beverages, printing, shuttles – all the various acoutrements needed for an event of this size.  


Over the last 23 years, the Octopus Club has raised over $1.4 million, and we couldn’t have done it without the public-spirited business sponsors who have helped us.  


The AIDS Crisis isn’t over.  Despite all efforts, the challenge grows.  The Centers for Disease Control estimates that more than 1.2 million Americans are living with HIV/AIDS and tens of thousands of new cases are diagnosed each year.  More than 6,000 of our neighbors in Central Texas are living with the disease, and that figure is climbing.  


At the same time, effective new drug therapies are keeping people with HIV healthy longer and dramatically reducing the death rate.  The result of those trends is that more people than ever before are living with HIV and AIDS.  

The challenges of living with HIV/AIDS are immense, but a caring community can help with the costs of fighting back.  When our friends and neighbors have nowhere else to turn, the Paul Kirby Emergency Assistance Fund is a helping hand of last resort.  


The OctoTea Dance is unique, because both volunteer host contributions and Corporate Sponsorships cover the cost of the event.  That allows every cent of the ticket price and every cent spent at the event to go directly into the Kirby Fund   The proceeds we’ve raised over nearly two decades is made possible only with the help of companies like yours.


For more information on how your company can become a part of this great cause, please contact one of our corporate committee members below.


Lew Aldridge



Stephen Rice



Brian Thompson



You can download our corporate package.