OctoTea Dance Co-Chair and Entertainment coordinator Mark Erwin announced today that he has engaged the Kris Kimura Quartet for three hours of smooth jazz in the Kodosky Lounge for the November 7th event. Kris, along with Ryan Davis, Tommy Howard, Adam Booker, Josef Butts and Steve Bidwell have rapidly become one of Austin's most respected and must-see groups giving over 300 performances a year. Kodosky will be a perfect venue for a performance you won't want to miss! Check out their website and sample their sweet song stylings at www.thekkq.net


Comedy? At OctoTea?

Oh yeah, there's going to be some funny stuff at OctoTea this year. You're going to have to show up to see for yourselves, though. This is going to be an entertainment year to remember at OctoTea. Be There!

Also, our incredible DJ's for the event

DJ Roland Belmares

Visit Roland at: DJ Roland BelmaresWeb Site | MySpace | Facebook Back in 1996, Dj Roland Belmares began his dj’ing career at a small club called The Forum in his hometown of Austin, TX. Roland quickly garnered a steady following and slowly began building a name for himself in town and far beyond the walls of his weekly residence. Since that time, Belmares has been called to play for several top events across the US from San Francisco to Miami, including major circuit events like White Party, Winter Party (Miami), Alegria (New York) and Fireball (Chicago) and of course the world famous Gay Days (Orlando) headlining the original Reunion Pool parties, Arabian Knights and the weekend’s crown jewel One Mighty Party! He’s even broken the international barriers to play both in Canada and Brazil and was recently booked to play for Club Rapido in Amsterdam. The incredible impact Roland has made on audiences has certainly secured him a position on the discerning partygoer's “Hot List” of circuit DJs. As for what lies ahead for Dj Roland Belmares, it appears he is dedicated to dance music beyond simply maintaining his status as one of the scene's top rated DJs. Roland is currently back in school working on furthering his education and further honing his musical production talents. He has already worked with many of today’s Dance floor Divas including Pepper Mashay, Pat Hodges, Kristine W, Abigail and Debby Holiday. He’s also got some future projects in the works and looks forward to sharing them with his audiences real soon!

DJ Seth Cooper

Visit Seth at: DJ Seth CooperWeb Site | Facebook The energy, intensity and passion that Seth has for the music comes second to none. Austin's fastest rising star continues to gain a larger and larger following. With plenty of new tracks, Seth is always ready to deliver the high energy vocals under laced with fierce, tribal drums and a hint of Latin influence that keeps you dancing. Tapping into production, Seth has had plenty of private mixes and mashups played by some of the industries' top talents at the most premier parties and venues throughout the nation. He has also had the pleasure to learn from some of his musical inspirations that include superstar DJs such as Trypsin, Roland Belmares, Peter Rauhofer and Manny Lehman. In 2006, Gay Internet Radio Live asked him to join their online radio network that allowed Seth's sets to be heard streaming live and side by side with other big names such as Randy Bettis, Eddie Baez, Lydia Prim, Star 69 Records and Joe G. In 2007, Seth was only barely nudged out of the number one spot by the Lesbian Lounge. Having a passion for charity events and other big party weekends, Seth has spun at Gasparilla 2003 - Tampa, Gasparilla 2004 - Tampa, Guavaween 2004 - Tampa, Guavaween 2005 - Tampa, Jungle 15 - Houston, Jungle 16 - Houston, Octo-Tea 12 - Austin, Gay Days 2008 - Orlando and has headlined at Oil Can Harry's - Austin, Velvet Mafia T-Dance's @ Suede Lounge - San Antonio, Tin Room - Dallas, and at many summer pool parties throughout Texas.