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The Octopus Club Experience Auction: The Five Senses.

1. Sight. Sight is something many take for granted. People rush about rarely seeing anything in detail. Most only glance and then move on. However, for artists like Vincent Van Gogh, vision was the catalyst for dreams. And it is not uncommon for painters to counsel their students to look twice as long as they work. Above all, the more we look the better we see, whether its noticing the poetry of each leaf spiraling around a branch or exactly how each tree takes its place within a forest. To see better is to learn very quickly that we are a part of a larger picture.
Graydon Parrish has spent a lot of time looking. He is part of a new art movement that asks people to slow down and notice. After all, art, he claims, is more like a thirty-year love affair than a thirty second commercial. So it is with great pleasure that the Octopus Club of Austin welcomes Graydon Parrish to lead the Sense of Sight.
For this experience, Graydon will offer a series of private painting and drawing lessons, where the main focus will be to understand the visual world. This will be about as low tech as it gets today. The goal: to really look and then look again, to appreciate the nuance of things and to learn orchestrate them as a unified whole. Drawing, color, composition and form: each is a part of the artist’s arsenal, but each are subservient to the eye. Yet ultimately art is self-revelatory. It is, as Picasso once said, just another way of keeping a diary.
Graydon Parrish is a noted realist painter now living in Austin. His work can be found in several museums, including the Austin Museum of Art, the Mead Art Museum and the New Britain Museum of American Art where his large allegory of September 11th, the Cycle of Terror and Tragedy, has won him a committed and international following. Graydon is represented by Hirschl and Adler Galleries in New York and Galerie Albert Benamou in Paris. He also teaches color theory at New York’s Grand Central Academy.
A week of private lessons with Graydon Parrish:

Value $1200.00.
Please note the Octopus Club of Austin will help coordinate the schedules of Graydon Parrish and the winning bidder.

2. Sound
Certainly music is the soul of sound. It, some say, comes closer than any other art to expressing the inexpressible. Some say it begins where words end. Others, like Bono, believe that music can change the world. Certainly music is ubiquitous. It arrives in our ears, then enlivens our feet and stirs our hearts. It brings us to dance and calls us to act.
For the experience of sound, the Octopus Club of Austin graciously welcomes celebrated pianist Anton Nel. Nel has spread the classical and the sublime across the world, from Carnegie Hall to the Long Center for the Performing Arts, from South Africa to New York City to Austin. In sum, Nel’s career is the stuff of both genius and dreams, only to be rivaled by the music he plays and the generosity he extends.
So it is no doubt that the Octopus Club of Austin is proud to offer two private piano lessons with Anton Nel. We are grateful to extend this unique opportunity to those who value life and value art. And we thank Anton for his insight, his dedication to the community and his acknowledgment that art can benefit all.
Anton Nel has appeared at Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, the Metropolitan Museum and the Frick Collection in New York. He has performed recitals in major concert halls in Canada, England, France, Holland and Japan, among others. With acclaimed violinist Sarah Chang he completed a highly successful tour of Japan as well as appearing at a special benefit concert in London, hosted by HRH the Prince of Wales. Anton Nel is the Priscilla Pond Flawn Regents Professor of Piano and Chamber music at the University of Texas at Austin, where he now heads the Division of Keyboard Studies. In January 2010 he will become the first holder of the newly endowed Joe R. and Teresa Lozano Long Chair in Piano at the University of Texas at Austin.
Two one-hour private piano lessons with Anton Nel.
Value: $500.00.
Please note the Octopus Club will help coordinate the schedules of Anton Nel and the winning bidder.

3. Touch
No sense is more vital to the sculptor than touch. The sculptor’s prerogatives are to look, to think and to remake the world, sensitively rejoining, by hand and fingers, clay, plaster and marble. For many, sculpture has been the standard to which other arts should aspire. It is, after all, a metaphor for Creation itself, and as such it reveals the fullness and breadth of nature, magically changing its appearance from day to night, dawn to dusk.
So it is with great pleasure that the Octopus Club of Austin is able to offer an experience of touch, an odyssey into the world of the sculptor, with Kelly Borsheim. From Central Texas to Florence, Italy, Kelly has explored the streets, the studios and the museums to refine her art and outlook. Her inspiration is the human body, which, to her reveals the essential tenets of life, from its struggles to desires. Her art is one of beauty, introspection and contemplation.
This experience will consist of four hours of private lessons, covering some of the basics of sculpture, focusing on the hands. It is also one not to be missed, and the Octopus club is grateful to Kelly Borsheim and her willingness to offer such world-class instruction and help save lives.
Kelly Borsheim’s art is collected widely, throughout the United States, Australia, Canada, France, Italy, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, and New Zealand. She splits her time between Florence, Italy, and her studio in central, Texas.
Four hours of private sculpting lessons with Kelly Borsheim:
Value $ 400.00.
Please note the Octopus Club with help coordinate the schedules of Kelly Borsheim and the winning bidder.

4. Smell
Aroma. Perfume. A freshly laundered shirt. A home cooked meal. Some suggest that the sense of smell evokes memories better than any other sense. Think about the rush of nostalgia conjured by Grandmother’s cooking. Or blush and recall a romantic trip abroad after the aroma of sweet pastries. No doubt smell is potent, both cerebral and primal.

Few in Austin use their noses more than Chef Coi Burruss and her sister Simone. Inspired by food from a young age, Coi and Simone have since taken on the food world. Not long after graduating from culinary school, Coi battled the temper of Gordon Ramsey on Fox’s reality meltdown Hell’s Kitchen. Afterwards, Simone joined her in a related but no less arduous task: wrestling the lackluster kitchen drag and restyling it for modern women. Both are determined not only to bring fashion closer to the stove but also to share their love of the flavorful life with Austin.

The Octopus Club is grateful to Chefs Coi and Simone for graciously offering a must-have experience: a series of four one-hour private cooking lessons. What you and these chefs choose to create will certainly be tasty, aromatic and heartwarming since you know every penny will go to help someone living with HIV/AIDS. And remember, as Tom Wolfe once said, there is nothing more appealing than a beautiful woman in the act of cooking dinner for someone she loves. And in this case, we are lucky to have two.

Chef Coi Burruss graduated from the Art University of Houston with an emphasis in fusion cuisine. Since then she has gained celebrity as a contestant on Fox’s reality show Hell’s Kitchen. She has cooked at many noted local restaurants including the Central Market Café on the Run in Southwest Austin. She and Chef Simone Burruss recently formed SiCo Wear, a line of fully adjustable chef jackets and pants for women. Coi and her sister talk endlessly about transforming food and celebrating life.

Four one-hour private cooking lessons with Chef Coi and Chef Simone Burruss.

Value $400.00.

Please note that the Octopus Club will help coordinate the schedules of Chefs Coi and Simone with the winning bidder. The lessons can be used singularly or together.

5. Taste
Taste, they say, everyone has. It is quite common, yet at its best, it is often expressive, intelligent and perhaps sublime. According to Alexandre Pope, taste preserves what genius creates. Of course, taste can comprise everything from food to fashion. It comes in both lowbrow and highbrow, barbeque to Botticelli, speedway to runway.
Whether you think you have good or bad taste, Austin’s own fashion avatar Stephen MacMillan Moser will probably disagree with at least some of it. (And this is likely a good thing.) So, in the name of fashion and for the betterment of local taste, the Octopus Club of Austin graciously offers Mr. Moser’s insight and company for a life-changing experience.
Be Stephen’s guest at the second Anniversary of the Long Center for the Performing Arts and learn a little fashion along the way. The year, the featured entertainment is the intrepid and perennial group Hall and Oates.
Stephen Macmillan Moser has celebrated over thirty years as a professional designer, creating couture for stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue and dressing both international and local celebrities. His work has appeared in W, Women's Wear Daily among others. Known for both his generous spirit and mordant wit, Stephen himself is an icon. He can be spotted absorbing the vibe of Austin while taking notes for his weekly column “After A Fashion,” for the Austin Chronicle.
An evening with Stephen MacMillan Moser of the Austin Chronicle at the Long Center for Performing Arts.
Value $1,500.00.
Please note, this experience includes a complimentary ticket to the Hall and Oats performance. The Octopus Club of Austin will help to coordinate the schedules of Stephen Moser and the winning bidder.