The Octo Tea Dance Can't Happen without Hosts.

Our generous Hosts are the ambassadors for Octo Tea. Host talk it up, sell tickets, and host donations cover the costs of putting on this fundraiser. They make it possible for all proceeds from event ticket sales, raffle, silent and experience auctions to go directly to our friends and neighbors with HIV/AIDS who find themselves in emergency situations. Last year's event raised over $88,000, and it would not have been possible without Hosts.

Download the Host Information Form.

In addition to the many benefits Octotea Hosts receive, we are excited to provide a new host benefit for Octotea XIV. Octotea XIV hosts who donate $200 or greater, will receive an invitation to a fabulous post-Octotea appreciation brunch on October 25th at from 2PM-4PM at Paggi House consisting of complimentary valet parking, hors d'oeuvres, and blood orange mimosas.

Host Levels

Tieguanyin Tea: $10,000 (20 complimentary tickets; 6 t-shirts; limousine service, open bar)
Royal Tea: $2,500 (15 complimentary tickets; 4 t-shirts; VIP Parking at Long Center, open bar)
Darjeeling Tea: $1,500 (10 complimentary tickets; 2 t-shirts; VIP parking at Long Center, open bar)
Earl Grey: $1,000 (8 complimentary tickets; 2 t-shirts; VIP Parking at Long Center; open bar)
Red Zinger: $500 (6 complimentary tickets; 2 t-shirts; open bar)
Orange Spice: $300 (4 complimentary tickets; 1 t-shirt)
Long Island Tea: $200 (2 complimentary tickets; 1 t-shirt)
Green Tea: $100 (1 complimentary ticket; 1 t-shirt.

Host donations can be charged online or through AIDS Services of Austin at 512-406-6115. Upon receipt of your host payment, you will receive your complimentary tickets. Some hosts sell their extra tickets to add even more proceeds to this GREAT CAUSE.

We would like to thanks those who have signed up to be hosts so far!

Jack Sanders & Nancy Crow

Royal Tea
Lew Aldridge

Darjeeling Tea
David Hugin
Mary Morrison and Family
Bill Dickson

Earl Grey
Jim Lewis & Paul Hemmer
Albert Gaitan
Jerry & Alice Parrish
Rich Segal
Dave Gainer & David Guy

Red Zinger
Bob Dailey
John Thomason
Lee Manford & Casey Blass
Kevin Smothers & Michael Pungello
Kevin Thibodeau
Steve Davis
Jim Lommori
Steve Fleckenstein
Tim Young
David Cross
Chad Denman & Daniel Harvell
Frank Rusconi & Duane Mailman
Eddy Safady
Graydon Parrish & Heath Riddles

Orange Spice
Russell Bridges & Ralph Salinas
Oliver Everette
Richard Hartgrove & Gary Cooper
Mark Erwin & Stephen Rice
Frank Garrahan
Gregory Self
Troy Spicer & Jakeb Ledford
William Brown
Alan Stevens & Louis Seube
Brent Nguyen & Rory Holcomb
Joseph Chauncey
Mark Guerrero
Michael Pizzutti
Rocky Roquemore
Chris Spradley & Will Lowery
Moses Ruiz

Long Island
Marty Bender
Larry Lee
Melanie & Bill McLeroy
Rex Zgarba
Bruce Weatherford & Adam Toguchi
Patrick Keel & Jason Shubert
Rick Luisi & Erik Wilson
Forrest Preece & Linda Ball
Lilly Pulitzer
Rick Holmberg
Shanna Boatler
David C. Smith
Jordan Herman & David Porter
Fred Sultan
Chris Long
Ted Smith
Arro Smith & David Gentry
Joel Gust
Wesley Shackelford & Alejandro Rodriguez
Greg Underwood
Tim Newton
Michael Dobbs & John Weafer
Kris Owens
Dale Atkinson
Philip Campman
Brian McElligott & Joy Carlton
Dr. Richard Yuen
Tim McCabe
Sandra & Marc Lewis
Evan & Tom
Joel Isgrig & Tim Smith
Charles Bell

Green Tea
Bob Rose
Dr T.C. Erwin & Nancy Erwin
Vollie Goerhing
Stephen Phillips
Mike Post
Steven McCormick
Ron Redder
Sue Campion
Bobby Cook
Jemel Aguilar
Tamara Chauncey
R.M. Sabbagh

For more information on hosting please contact:
Marty Bender
14809 Cordero Drive
Austin, Texas 78717


Frank J. Garrahan
12820 Withers Way
Austin, Texas 78727