Kirby Fund helps the Homeless

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A client had been living on the streets for two full years, sleeping under trees and staying in Laundromats during severe weather. When this client decided he was ready to pursue housing, he was faced with several barriers including obtaining an ID and birth certificate as well as saving enough money to afford a housing deposit as well as a rent payment. Like many clients, he only received $674 in monthly SSI payments; however out of this limited income he paid $300 each month to the caretaker of his son. Although the case manager was able to locate affordable housing for this client at the rate of $320/month, with only $374 the possibility of this client affording move in costs were next to impossible. Thanks to the flexibility of the Paul Kirby funds, this client was able to receive assistance with obtaining an ID and birth certificate as well as a deposit and 1 month of rental assistance. This client has not only maintained safe and stable housing for more than 6 months, stability and routine that comes with having a home has allowed him to reduce his viral load from 225,000 to undetectable for the first time in 7 years of having an AIDS diagnosis.